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It is necessary to brush and wash the surface while the concrete precast basement stairs are still green, as otherwise the process would be too laborious and would be precluded. Therefore the concrete forms must be removed at about twenty-four hours after placing the concrete precast basement stairs.

The necessity of removing the form work before the concrete precast basement stairs has thoroughly hardened considerably limits the practicability of this process. Load-sustaining sections must be hard before the supporting mold is removed from underneath. Where this effect, rather than a smoother finish, is wanted, it should be quite possible to attain it in a measure, even when the concrete precast basement stairs are quite hard, by the use of acid and the stone bush hammer.

Sufficient of the mortar skin could be removed to obliterate the impression of board an illustration of scrubbed surface, using muriatic acid where the larger concrete precast basement stairs aggregates are exposed. The veining and layer marks, and at the same time expose some of the concrete precast basement stairs aggregates. After this tool dressing the wall should be brushed down with dilute acid, followed by water played on by a hose to prevent any stains left by the acid.

Exposed concrete precast basement stairs aggregates produce decidedly the most legitimate surface, the only proper finish, it might even be said, where consistent concrete precast basement stairs design and ornament is carried out. As a matter of fact, the method is best suited, for practical reasons, to buildings of small dimension, and artistically, to those of simple wall composition. In the present transitional period, and quite possibly beyond it, a smoother texture, more nearly that of cut stone will be considered more desirable for many purposes.

Such a finish is arrived at by the method known as mortar facing, though it is by no means limited to mortar of the ordinary variety.